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Batik Airlines, China to launch new airline typically runs its carriers by giving them a base they can develop into a hub where they account for the majority of traffic such as Fuzhou Airlines. Further loosening of that principle will occur in the private sector in local government, where HNA and the City of Fuzhou Government will form a joint-partnership to launch Fuzhou Airlines in its namesake town, where privately-owned Xiamen Airways currently represents 55% of capacity.

The start-up launch comes as Xiamen Air, arguably the world's most consistently profitable and stable airline, worries if it is breaking the paramount rule of business in big o'l China never be soprofitable so as to invite a covetous state. In the last 2 years Xiamen Airways has posted double-digit operating margins. The creation of Fuzhou Airlines, along China's more developing coastal regions, is surprising given recent start-ups have tended to be in more developing areas.

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